Brand: Sherwood

We have the skill and experience in designing and manufacturing cable assemblies that will stand up to the most rigorous electrical, mechanical and environmental applications for the Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Charging Points, Military, Aerospace, Rail, Medical, Telecommunications, Industrial Control, Electronics, Oil and Gas Exploration Offshore Technology, Subsea Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Submarine Communications and Offshore Wind Power.

From Standard Solder type and IDC cable assemblies, to ruggedised cables for harsh environments, to highly complex cable assemblies with ultra-flexibility, ultra durability, extreme temperature variation, extreme degrees of pressure, Waterproof, Submersible, cables that can withstand degradation caused by sea, air, or UV rays, cables that require Potting and Encapsulation, custom shielding or specific jacketing, moulding, company logos, enhanced moulded strain relief grommets and with specific colour requirements..

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