4mm Banana plug, solder with unscrewed insulator



1010-I 4mm Straight Banana Plug for DIY Solder Connection – Unscrewed Fixture

The 1010-I is a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Straight 4 mm Banana (Male) Plug that requires its connection to a test lead to be soldered. The Insulated cover is Unscrewed fixture.

Stainless steel lantern spring to maintain contact pressure in 4mm sockets.

33 V AC / 70 V DC

Current Rating 36 A

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Rated voltage : ≤30VAC ≤60VDC
Rated current : 36A
More info : With solder terminal for cables up to 2,5 mm²
Nature plastic material : POM
Insulating part : Insulation
Nature metallic material : Ni coated brass
Metal part : Contact parts

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