Black heat shrink tubing – 3:1 – With adhesive




H-5(3X)-F  BLACK thin-wall heat shrink tubing (shrink ratio 3:1) contains co-extruded adhesive lining, which melts when the tubing is being shrinked, for better insulation and sealing. Applications include, among others, the sealing of electrical components in the automotive and communications industry. Flame retardant.

Flame retardant VW-1
Self-extinguishing Yes
With adhesive Yes
Printable Yes
Operating temperature (°C) -55 up to +125
Minimum shrink temperature (°C) +70
Minimum full recovery temperature (°C) +110
Longitudinal change 0 up to 10% max.
Material quality Crosslinked co-extruded adhesive lined polyolefin
UL approval UL224 125 ℃ VW-1 600 V file E204071
UV resistant Yes
Halogen-free No
CSA file no. 1934614
Master contract 240199
Meets RoHS, Sony-SS-00259

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