JST GH wire crimp to fit cable housings



GH female housing crimp

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GH 1.25mm Disconnectable Crimp Style – ​Developed for PDP, LCD or small electronics equipment. This low insertion type connector realizes easier mating operation. The basic concept of the contact part of this connector is equivalent to the performance proven SHL connector.

​ConnectorsProduct Type:
​Pitch / Style:
​Current rating:
​Voltage rating:
Temperature range:
​Available number of circuits:
​PCB Mount Style:
Wire size:
Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors
​1A, AC/DC
​50V AC,DC
​-25 to +85 Degrees Celsius
​2 to 15
​Secure locking device
​​Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
AWG 30-26

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