End cap
D-UKK5 end cap

Screw DIN terminal UK type end caps


D-UK2.5B suitable end cap for UK1.5N & UK2.5B

D-UK3/10 suitable end cap for UK3N, UK5N, UK6N and UK10

D-UKK5 suitable end cap for UKK5

D-UDK4 suitable end cap for UDK4

D-MBKKB2.5 suitable end cap for MBKKB2.5

Each terminal shields the next until the end where you use one of these end caps to enclose the last DIN Connector

10 – 4910%From 0.17
50+25%From 0.14
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End caps for our DIN terminals UK2.5B, UK5N, UK6N UK10N, UKK5, MBKKB2.5 and UDK4. Easy clips on to protect the end connector.

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