USB 2.0 to Mini USB Black 1.8m



This 1.8m Black USB to Mini USB assembled cable is often used for camera’s and small portable devices.

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The Mini USB connection cable according to the 2.0 standard has a maximum transmission speed of 480 Mbps. It corresponds to the UL-2725 standard with a wire size of AWG30. The cable is robust, durable and high quality. Because of the shielding it is protected against electromagnetic interference.

Connector 1: USB 2.0 A/Plug
Connector 2: USB 2.0 mini B/Plug
Comply with USB Hi-Speed
Data rate: up to 480 Mbps
Up to 5 V, 0.5 A, 2.5 W power supply
2x shielded

Plastic housing
Color: Black
Nickel plated
Length: 1.8 m

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