WKK Black 2:1 ratio heat shrink on reels



The H-2(Z) thin-wall heat shrink tubing is the most used heat shrink tubing, and is used for a wide range of applications. The low shrink temperature, the flexibility of this tube and the mechanical strength make that the H-2(Z) is often used in the communications, electronics and automotive industry. Flame retardant.

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Packaging type On a reel
Flame retardant VW-1
Self-extinguishing Yes
With adhesive No
Printable Yes
Operating temperature (°C) -55 up to +125
Minimum shrink temperature (°C) +70
Minimum full recovery temperature (°C) +100
Longitudinal change 0 up to 10% max.
Material quality Crosslinked polyolefin
UL approval UL224 125 ℃ VW-1 600 V file E204071
UV resistant Yes
Halogen-free No
CSA file no. 1934614
Master contract 240199
Meets RoHS, Sony-SS-00259

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